Planning & Installation Documents, Drawings and Manuals

Here you'll find manuals, practical tips, and other documents to install a Zehnder ComfoSystem. Please contact us, if you are missing something. 1-844-655-6489

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ComfoSense Controller Manual

Main Controller for ComfoAir units (200/350/550)

ComfoSet Installation Manual

Flow restriction for ComfoTube (used during commissioning)

ComfoTube Specifications

Interior flexible ducting with "cleanside"

ComfoWell 320 Specifications with Accessories

Silencer commonly used for ComfoAir 200

ComfoWell 520 Specifications with Accessories

Silencer commonly used for ComfoAir 350 and 550

Diffuser Box TVA Specifications

Ceiling/Wallmounted boxes (up to 24cfm exhaust or supply)


Extract Valve STB 1/2

Adjustable "vent cover"/valve, generally used in bathrooms, powder rooms (up to 24 cfm in normal operation) 


Supply Valve KE (Specs in German)

Adjustable "vent cover"/valve, for supply on ceiling mounted boxes (spec sheet in German, sizing diagram useful)


External Grille Specifications

Eternal stainless steel grill for intake and exhaust


Grill Housing CLD & Grill Specifications

For exhaust and supply up to 12 cfm (medium air flow rate)


Remote Control Timer Manual

Boosts the ComfoSystem for a preset time, connects wirelessly to ComfoSense


Waterless P-Trap Assembly "Cheat Sheet"

Regular p-traps dry out during dry seasons, this waterless p-trap avoids this issue

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