Pinwheel recently made the decision to stop selling Zehnder ComfoSystems.

We are focusing 100% on the construction of building shells and related products and solutions (Agepan, Ampack, Windows). The Zehnder ComfoSystem is still our first choice of mechanical ventilation for our building shells, so if you are looking for an entire building shell, please contact us. We'd love to build it for you, including the installation of a Zehnder ComfoSystem.

If you are looking for a quote separately from an entire building shell, please get in contact with Zehnder America directly.



How the Zehnder Home Ventilation System Works (video)

Benefits of a Zehnder ComfoSystem

  • Health

    Poor indoor air quality can lead to a rise in asthma and allergic symptoms due to the increased concentration of allergens such as dust mites, VOCs, pollen and mold.

  • Comfort

    Good air quality through continuous extraction of moist, stale air from bathrooms and kitchens and a continuous supply of clean, tempered air to habitable rooms. Low velocity air supply ensures that fresh, clean air does not create drafts around the home.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Zehnder Comfosystems products use recovered and renewable energy sources. Whole house heat recovery ventilation technology can recover up to 90% of the heat and contribute to an energy savings of up to 50%.

For the Builder

  • easy of installation: a smartly designed air distribution system
  • Ventilation system for new construction, retrofits, residential and light commercial buildings
  • warrantees: manufacturer with long track record

  • HVI listed, CSA approved*, Certified Passive House Approved (*not all devices yet, Zehnder is working on it)


4 Easy Steps to a Zehnder ComfoSystem

4 Easy Steps: Free Layout and Quotation > Purchase > Installation > Commissioning

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Frequently Asked Question

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More about the Zehnder Group

Zehnder is sold worldwide and specializes in advanced heating, cooling, and ventilation technology.

Zehnder America is a division of the Zehnder Group, headquartered in Switzerland. 

What others say about the Zehnder ComfoSystem:

Watch the owner of Imagine Energy, Jonathan Cohen, as he explains the HRV and ventilation system installed at the Karuna Passive House, in Portland OR. Note: the device is turned on in the video, which demonstrates how quiet it is.

Planning or Installing a Zehnder ComfoSystem?

We have put together a library of documents, manuals and sketches to help you plan and install a ComfoSystem.