Heckel Fenster - "Honest Quality"

"Honest Quality", those are the two words that Torsten Heckel lives by. The German master glazier founded Heckel Fenster right after the fall of the Berlin wall.

We are proud to represent his products and spirit of honest quality here in Canada. Since 2008, Heckel windows and doors have been successfully imported and installed in Canada.

In 2015, the wood and wood/aluminum windows were certified to NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard). They passed the tests in flying colours.

Heckel Fenster - How it all began

 Master glazier Torsten Heckel explaining the process of making high quality wood and wood aluminum windows.

Master glazier Torsten Heckel explaining the process of making high quality wood and wood aluminum windows.

Heckel-Fenster (translated: Heckel Windows) was founded by master glazier Torsten Heckel, a traditional window craftsman in Germany. Before founding his company, he had been building windows for the controlled economy of the German Democratic Republic. Shortly after the wall came down in 1990, he started his own company, building on his tradition of wood and wood-aluminum windows. Torsten Heckel offers much more than just great quality at reasonable prices. Absolute reliability and great all-round service, paired with his companies philosophy to consult customers honestly at all times are his keys to success.

Your Choice:
Wood, Wood/Aluminum and uPVC

Although the "Mercedes of the windows" - Wood/Aluminum windows - are still unsurpassed in esthetics and timeless design possibilities, Heckel has teamed up with Schweiker to meet the increasing demand for high quality uPVC windows.

German Quality - Certified in Canada

We are proud to offer you German quality windows, certified to North American Fenestration Standards in cooperation with 5thC Building Solutions in British Columbia. We are always happy to consult you on the product that is right for you, and extend the same honesty to you that Torsten Heckel displays. 

Production of Wood Windows


The process starts with scantlings: three layers of laminated wood, that are ordered in from "just in time" suppliers. These scantlings are moulded into to the proper profiles which will then be assembled into window sashes and frames. 

Next, the raw frames are carefully sanded and inspected before heading into the in-house finishing booth, where they are finished using the Remmers system.

Lastly, the windows are fitted with the hardware and glazing and are then ready for transportation and installation.

The windows are manufactured in accordance to CE EN 14351-1.

Schweiker uPVC windows


uPVC windows are ordered from Schweiker.

Schweiker has been producing windows and window components for over 80 years. The Schweiker group of companies has grown to 800 employees in over 7 production locations in Germany.

Size and expertise in the market place results in excellent value and quality you expect from "Made in Germany".