Kaiser is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical boxes and other electrical supplies in Europe. Since electrical wiring often needs to protrude different layers of the building envelope, Kaiser has come up with innovative solutions to keep a building well insulated and airtight. Furthermore, Kaiser also has products which address sound insulation and fire protection in buildings.

Let me showcase you some of the products you may need in order to build truly remarkable buildings. 


Universal equipment carrier

Universal equipment carrier for securely attaching electrical installations in or to heat-insulating external façades. Stable attachment of external lights, sockets, motion detectors, external temperature sensors, radio receivers, anemometers, cameras, letter boxes and much more.

  • Secure attachment of various equipment to or in insulated external facades.
  • Prevents heat bridges
  • Quick installation with snap-in connections
  • For insulation thicknesses of 60 - 360 mm (2.5 - 14.25 inches)

Telescoping equipment carrier

Telescoping equipment carrier for fitting of luminaires, sockets and many other devices to insulated external façades (EIFS). Optimised for the latest insulation thicknesses, ideal for many applications in external façades.

  • Equipment carriers for accessories up to a max. weight of 5 kg (11 pounds)
  • Two conduit entries on the carrier with internal cable routing
  • Integrated measurement indication = easy cutting to insulation thickness
  • Front fixing and depth stop prevent incorrect installation
  • For insulation thicknesses from 80 - 200 mm (3,25 - 7,75 inches)

Mini Equipment Carrier

The mini equipment carrier permits the precisely-aligned secure wall mounting of accessories such as luminaires, cameras, motion detectors, letter boxes and many other systems which need to be fitted to installed composite thermal insulation systems.

  • For retrofitting to insulated external façades
  • Exact flush alignment of accessories
  • Guarantees installation without thermal bridges
  • 4 swivels for secure anchoring
  • No moisture intrusion

Air-Tight Sleeves

Air-tight sleeves for sealing conduit and cable entries in the interior of air-tight building shells.

  • Extremely strong adhesion
  • For quick, air-tight feed-through
  • 10 types for different conduit and cable diameters
  • Sticks to almost all surfaces 

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