Why the standard "6mil poly" is crap (vapour barrier)

In this video, Hans describes why the commonly used "6mil poly" vapour barrier is completely unsuited for our walls, especially in long lasting, healthy and energy efficient homes, and proposes the better and healthier alternatives by Ampack (Ampatex Cento, Ampatex DB 90).

Showcase: Rosedale apartment with "snazzy Zehnder HRV"

This is Pinwheels first Zehnder ComfoSystem project all the way back in 2014. I hadn't seen the finished apartment to this day - which obviously looks amazing knowing what Zoe and David do.

The apartment owners give a great shout-out to Zehnder saying

"[...]installing a snazzy Zehnder HRV unit that flushes fresh air into the rooms. The result: the apartment has a definite plant-shop freshness."

I'm glad we were able to make this happen. Healthy fresh air had been one of Zoe and Davids top priorities. It sounds like it is a continued success.

Read the entire article here.