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The airtightness of the building shell has been studied more closely than practically any other building related structural topic over the past few years. There are many reasons for this, but one thing is completely clear: unsuitable products, products that are not used properly and poor workmanship have an immediate and direct effect on the durability of the building – with a corresponding effect on costs and long term sustainability.

"The Ampack name stands for high quality, proven products for the protection of the building envelope. Founded in 1946 Ampack have been at the forefront of membrane and tape development ever since. We believe our expertise lies in dealing professionally with customers, technology and material. Our system products are compatible with each other and have been proved over many years."

Ampack is solution oriented, helpful in their approach, whether taking the overall view or in looking at the details."

 Sample of a wall buildup detail from the drawings.

Sample of a wall buildup detail from the drawings.

Looking for Detailed Construction Drawings?

Ampack has created a full set of construction wall buildups that show exactly how to solve airtightness challenges. You can find them in the "Brochures and Learning Material" section to the right --->

If you are looking for a more custom solution to your scenario, please call us: 905-321-3905

We were so impressed with the quality of the Ampack tapes. We reached excellent airtightness [for the passive house].
— Robin Adair, The Green Builder Inc., Temperance Passive House

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Ampacoll BK 535 (long roll 25m, 50mm)
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Water comes from the outside? Well, yes .... but more moisture might be permeating the construction from inside the building shell than from the weather.
When vapor control layers and airtight layers are used correctly, they provide the following benefits: 

  • Energy losses are reduced
  • Condensation is avoided in the structure
  • The formation of mould and structural damage is avoided
  • Pollutants are avoided in the air within the rooms
  • The noise-reduction mass in structural components is guaranteed
  • The insulating effect of structural components is guaranteed
  • The ability of ventilation systems to work properly is guaranteed

Therefore, it very quickly becomes clear that an incomplete or badly fitted airtight layer bears a huge risk of damage and danger. 

Ampack has an extensive lineup of products to help seal your building envelope correctly.

Product Showcase: Ampacoll RS

Stretchable Glue from the Roll: (for Inside & Outside use)

  • 4 widths
  • expandable to 300%
  • moves with the building components
  • evens out rough and uneven surfaces

Product Showcase: Ampacoll BK 535

  • Hand-formable sleeve made of butyl rubber
  • Elastic - can be formed in three dimensions
  • The sleeve that always fits
  • Highly flexible - moves with the structural element
Ampacoll BK 535 (long roll 25m, 50mm)
from 123.75
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