Healthy living with AGEPAN

Enjoy healthy indoor climate, effective summer heat protection and insulation from the cold during winter. 

The Agepan System allows you to build vapour-open wood walls. This is key in healthy, energy efficient and ecological construction.

Indoor Climate:

There is a whole world behind the terms Agepan®-System Functional Wood®the world of healthy living. Our Agepan® Functional Wood® is a high-tech product, based on natural wood fibre. By means of a special treatment process, the surface area is so greatly enlarged that its optimum function is ensured: that is the regulation of the room climate.

This is how Agepan® Functional Wood® works as a natural regulating element for the room climate. If the air inside the room contains too much moisture, Agepan® Functional Wood® absorbs it. If the air in the room is too dry, the Functional Wood® releases moisture again through its wood fibres. In this way, Agepan® Functional Wood® ensures that you can always feel comfortable in a healthy environment with an excellent room climate.

Protection from the Elements:

The Agepan®-System allows you to construct building shells according to the latest knowledge in building physics to protect you from the elements and ensure very long lasting building shell.

Due to the considerable temperature fluctuations that characterize our climate in Canada, the building shell has to endure many different weather conditions. It protects from cold, heat, wind and rain. The Agepan® Functional Wood® is ideally suited and all the construction components in the system are perfectly matched. That goes for the construction of exterior walls, interior rooms, floors and roof altera- tions, as well as for the insulation of existing rooms and the renovation of old buildings. 

Agepan Products in Stock in Canada:



  • Wind, break and bend reinforcement of timber frame constructions (static application)
  • As stable, walkable under-roof panel and second waterproof layer in roof and wall
  • High-performance replacement for expensive claddings with additional sheeting 
  • Vapor permeable and windproof
  • Optimized surface protection against moisture during building under construction

AGEPAN THD T+G - Insulating Woodfibre Board 

  • Universal thermal insulation: windproof, vapor permeable and noise insulating planking for roof and wall
  • Minimizes thermal bridges
  • Second waterproof layer
  • Good summer heat protection due to high heat storage capacity
  • Quickly laid, directly plaster-able service layer
  • New Construction and Renovations

Don't just take our word for it. See what others say:

Watch Peter Bogart from Hammer and Hand as he explains the wall system with vapor permeable AGEPAN used on the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House in North Plains, OR.


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